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  1. Who can say for sure if that Wuhan Flu’s gonna subside by late June to allow for a Rally, but I’ve been wondering since last summer if the Royal Enfield Owners Club of North America were planning to show up for 2020 as they did in 2018. I was led to understand that they usually alternated their own annual rally between somewhere in Ontario and Oley every other year. Any info on that? I rode up on my Bullet 500 from Virginia in ’18 and had a great time with those guys. Love to do it again.

    1. Yes the Royal Enfield group plans to join us again this year. We expect visitors from the Vincent National Rally which is happening in the same county the same week as the Triumph National.

      1. The world’s second-greatest motorcycle marque (Vincent) is always welcome at the National Rally of the world’s greatest motorcycle marque–Triumph, of course!

        1. Since I was a little boy nearly anything with wheels and an engine fascinated me. That being said even from a Vincent owner Triumph will all ways be #1 in my book.

  2. Looking forward to being there this time. Got as far as Ladysmith, Virginia last year when fuel pump went out on the van so I didn’t get to show my 1948 T100. Just so happens that I’m restoring a 1979 T140E this year so we’ll try again.

  3. Trailers full, but may consider letting my 59 Bonneville project go! Will have pics if interested. Driving 1990 white Chevy van w/ 14’ enclosed trailer. Brad Ally 419-566-1649. See ya there

  4. I missed the pre-reg deadline. Coming from NW Mass. Friday and will motel it Friday somewhere north of you.
    Can I hope a camper decides not to stay Saturday night and take their place so I can not have to go anywhere after the banquet? I’m happy to pay for the site, banquet and Sunday breakfast if there is space….otherwise, I’ll pay the day admission and head back after the banquet.

      1. To all vendors-campers. There will be several BIG $$$$$$ buyers attending the event again this year. Some travel from across the Atlantic to buy our bikes and parts. Bring anything you have that is lying about and turn it into $$$CASH$$$. This is becoming a swap meet that buyers put on their schedule as a must do. And if you want to buy a bike or parts this is a great place to find treasures.

  5. Can we rope off campsite on wed. 21st . If so what time. Also is it possible to purchase another ticket when I am there on Wednesday

  6. Come on out – and bring your British bikes and parts! (any brand) This meet has been growing steadily since it was moved to Oley, and it would be great to see a quantum leap in attendance this year! It’s a fantastic venue, with room for as many people as could possibly show up. BTW, I think there’s 24-hr.-accessible electricity for device charging (and also cold running water) available at the large pavilion towards the back. And there’s at least one vendor under there with really cool stuff – not mentioning any names. 😉

  7. I have my first bike finally, its a 2000 Triumph Trophy 1200. I think i might give this rally a try seeing that ive never been to one. Looking forward to a good time. Does anyone know what hotels are near by? Thx.

      1. I had a great time. Can wait to get my custom made boots. Also the guy that won with his 2002 Red Triumph Trophy. I forgot to get his contact info . If someone could help me out i would appreciate it?

  8. Very Scenic country roads to ride on. Fairground setup and layout really nice. Food was excellent and all people and vendors friendly. The Japanese man painting bike art was a major bonus. Wanted to buy everything I saw there but did not have a place on my bike to bring it home. I rolled in on my GSA which some people were amazed buy my bike I don’t know why but that was really cool. If you dig motorcycle stuff… show up… you don’t know what you’re missing. Cannot wait again for it this summer hope the weather is good for everyone. Have a safe night everyone.

  9. For those of us camping, will there be any electrical outlets to charge phones and cameras and whatnot? Not looking for full hookup, just want to stay topped up.

    1. There is no electricity available at the campsites. The technical Workshops are held in a conference room with electrical outlets, but it is not always open. There should be some opportunities for charging, but no official charging stations.


  10. Hi… Can anyone tell me what time the Swap Meet opens for business on FRIDAY. I am coming up from the DC-area and want to get there when it opens. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  11. Plan to attend for the first time this year and am hoping to find an old/sweaty 70s-era Norton Commando for sale at the swap meet… My ’77 Bonne needs a garage mate. Can’t wait and am looking forward to it!

  12. Will there be venders there with new windsheilds , saddlebags, hardbags ,and etc.I would like to see stuff in person other than on line . I want to mod out my 2013 bird a little .

    1. I have a set of hard bags for a 2011 third sport. Paid 700 for them with mounts. Still in box. 443 621 0145

  13. Will there be BSA bikes at the meet. I bought a 68 BSA Bantam D-14/4 which I am working on, and a 1968 BSA Lightning that Randy and Urulina down in Rhoadsville, VA., (they are going to be vendors there,) (Randy’s Cycle and Restoration). Wifeypooh and I would like to attend. We don’t have a camper, but she might go for a tent, if not, motel it is. Thanks guys.

      1. Last day is when you see Triumph’s parent company(aka owner) bikes come out to play…

  14. Looking forward to it!! This will be my first Triumph rally owning my own Triumph! (Prior bike was a Vulcan)

  15. Looking forward to seeing all the Triumphs! May bring some down to sell off and get something else to bring home. Please email if me info to be a vendor, if needed to swap/sell bike(s).

  16. Having a little trouble figuring out how to preregister for a camping site. Is there a link I’m not seeing?

    1. Mail a check to Al Hartman, 890 old Topton rd. Mertztown Pa. 19539 ($50.) I will put your name on the list and create a entry package for you. You will get that package on arrival at the Rally. You can call me with questions at 484-769-8703.

  17. I know hours are 8:00AM-11:00PM Friday and Saturday, but I need to know if the Swap meet vendors stay until 11:00PM. Do they leave early, on Friday nights. Thank you

  18. This is a great show. Come hungry, the food vendors are good. Let’s hope the weather cooperates again!

  19. Does anyone know the hours of the rally, the weekend of June 26,27,28? I know it ends at noon Sunday, but don’t know the other day hours

    1. Michael…the hours are all day!! I think they open at 8am….lots of the vendors start closing around 5ish but lots of us are camping there…i know last year they had a band playing on friday night…not sure if one is scheduled for this year or not……hope this helps!

      1. Hello. three of us are coming up from Va. Are the campsites at the show the best way to go even if your not a vendor? Can you have a fire and adult beverages? A 20×20 site sounds a little small for 3 or 4 guys.

  20. This sounds great. If I can get the electrical issues sorted out on my Sprint ST 1050, I may make the trip!

  21. Al: Of course . All the Philly Riders will be there as this is the best event for the afficiandos. but please don’t force the 71-74 500s into the Umberslade class…

  22. This event is THE Triumph motorcycle rally in the U.S. It’s a great blend of classic Meriden-built machines and contemporary Hinckley bikes. The venue is perfect–a vintage Pennsylvania farm-show fairground with ample shade, a great snack bar (run by the Oley Fire Dept. which owns the grounds), and even an air-conditioned banquet room where Triumph experts give tech talks. You see a vast array of Triumphs and other interesting British bikes, meet nice enthusiasts, and are surrounded by great riding roads and Pennsylvania country charm. Oh, and did I mention the event is well organized and low-key?

    I come to the National Triumph Rally from my home in Michigan each year and wouldn’t miss this event for anything!

  23. i was there last year and my Emma (2000 Thunderbird sport) won a trophy when i had not even planned to participate. she’s all custom now after a small accident in November. lets see how the crowd likes her this year!!!!!

  24. The one and only Triumph event I look forward to each year. This years flyer looks great. I’ll be sure to bring my 500 to the show.

  25. Bought a Speed Master just before coming to Belize. This looks like the perfect first tour…once I return this spring. Please put me on your email list. Would enjoy joining your event.

  26. We heard the about this show and saw Sach mentioned on American Pickers this evening Jan 14, and decided we must attend this yr’s event 2015. Oley is one of the prettiest places on earth, add antique motorcycles and nice people – voila. 🙂

    1. We are working hard to improve every year. We have a very dedicated group of people that attend every year that make this a family reunion like event.

  27. enjoyed your show last yearb


    Enjoyed your swap meet last year and I am looking forward to coming out this year again.


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