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    1. The 1977 Triumph should still be a positive ground system. You can always double check this by locating your zener diode and trace the wires. It should be hooked to the “hot” wire.

  1. Bikes are loaded, bags are packed, weather looks great. We’re heading up from Smithfield, Va. Thursday morning. Will be staying at French Creek state park that night so we’ll be at the fairgrounds early Friday morning. Looking forward to finally seeing all!

  2. If I was going to be home,instead of Wyoming, I would be there! I did not know about this before I made my plans.

  3. I would like to bring my 1977 T140V for the featured bike display on Friday. Can I just come in that morning or is there a pre-registration required?

    Thank you,
    Bob Verhasselt

    1. You can and there is not a pre registration. Friday is display only. Saturday is judging and peoples choice.

  4. As the pandemic concerns are easing and the CDC has eased safety requirements we WILL NOT be the mask-face cover police. As we are all adults we can all use good judgement with physical contact with others. Come out and enjoy another Triumphant weekend in Oley Pa. Thanks, Al

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