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The 2024 Triumph National Rally

Will Be Held

June 21st, 22nd & 23rd

Oley Fairgrounds
26 Jefferson Street, Oley, PA


Conformations are not mailed out in advance, all paper work will be waiting at the gate upon your arrival. 

Thanks,  Al

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5 thoughts on “Registration”

  1. I’d like to camp and vend during this event from Thursday through Saturday. I’ll have a truck and a trailer full of British motorcycle parts. Thanks Al.

  2. Hi, Al!
    I was supposed to vend with the Royal Enfield bunch thia weekend. Unfortunately, Thanks to direct exposure to Covid by one of my students testing positive, I am now obliged to quarantine for the next 5 days…. Damnation! Trailer is loaded, bikes ready, but I cannot attend with a clear conscience. You guys have fun without me and hang on to my T=shirt. Looking forward to pictures!

    thanks & REgards!!
    Ray Hattaway

  3. I am wanting to camp and attend the Ralley but will not be a vendor. I will be arriving Friday and leaving Sunday morning. I think I saw the price for that is $70. I will be staying in my tent. By submitting this is my campsite reserved?

    1. Not sure why I get these inquiries every year, but I have nothing to do with rally organizers…I am merely prior attendee who posted an inquiry similar to yours for my first rally 5? years ago.
      You will be fine registering at the fairground entrance on day of event…every year i attended, there was plenty of camping area.

  4. Look forward to attending my first show. I ride a T120, my wife is on a T100. Grew up in Stony Creek.

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