19 thoughts on “2015 Flyer”

  1. i was there last year and my Emma (2000 Thunderbird sport) won a trophy when i had not even planned to participate. she’s all custom now after a small accident in November. lets see how the crowd likes her this year!!!!!

  2. The one and only Triumph event I look forward to each year. This years flyer looks great. I’ll be sure to bring my 500 to the show.

  3. Bought a Speed Master just before coming to Belize. This looks like the perfect first tour…once I return this spring. Please put me on your email list. Would enjoy joining your event.

  4. We heard the about this show and saw Sach mentioned on American Pickers this evening Jan 14, and decided we must attend this yr’s event 2015. Oley is one of the prettiest places on earth, add antique motorcycles and nice people – voila. :)

    1. We are working hard to improve every year. We have a very dedicated group of people that attend every year that make this a family reunion like event.

  5. enjoyed your show last yearb


    Enjoyed your swap meet last year and I am looking forward to coming out this year again.


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